Joining a wine club

Wine clubs near St. Helena

Wine club - St. Helena, CA

Wine clubs are a part of the traditions of California wine. By joining one, you get discounts and other benefits, like information on the wine and what foods to pair it with. The most exclusive wine clubs are able to find quality lesser-known wines and bring them to members who might otherwise never have the chance to taste them. Some wine clubs offer your choice of different series of wines. Tours and tastings give you the opportunity to meet the winemakers and talk to other wine lovers. You can avoid a common complaint about wine clubs — that members don’t always get their wine because the club is waiting for it —by joining a club tied to a particular winery.

A most exclusive wine club near St. Helena

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards has its own wine club. Buy six bottles a year in groups of three and get Level I membership with discounts on wines, tickets to parties and invitations to a complimentary tasting. Agreeing to buy 12 bottles a year, or 24, gets you higher levels of membership with even more benefits. Once you’ve chosen a membership level, buying additional bottles won’t count toward your annual allocation.

An example of a library wine that might be available at an Anderson’s Conn Valley wine tasting is the 2009 Èloge. This dark ruby red wine, born from a particularly mild year, has a deep, full, layered aroma of cedar, cigar box and crème de cassis, with hints of violets and spice. Its flavor is deep, full and layered, tasting of concentrated dark fruit, spice and mocha. Club members save $25 on the ’12 Èloge. Join the Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards Wine Club today.


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