Take a trip to St. Helena

Wine clubs of St. Helena

St. Helena wineries in St. Helena, CASt. Helena, “Napa Valley’s main street,” is a center of the wine industry. Joining a wine club is a good way to tour this town and area, with its many fine wineries, and learn its history:

In the 1860s, immigrants discoered St. Helena’s excellent viticulture climate and began planting vineyards. St. Helena was incorporated in 1876, and just ten years later it had a population of about 1,800 and was already a center of the growing California wine industry.

A winery near St. Helena

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards is a great St. Helena wineries. Just a 10-minute drive from downtown St. Helena, south of Howell Mountain, Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards produces world-class wines at affordable prices. The grapes they grow are closer to mountain grapes than the grapes closer to town.

Anderson’s wines are sold online and in five locations in Napa Valley, and many other locations across the nation. By ordering six bottles or more per year, you can join the Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards Wine Club. Club membership will get you a discount on many of their finest wines, as well as the chance to try library wines such as their 2007 Éloge. This dark ruby wine has an aroma of violets, cedar and black stone fruits balanced with oakiness. Its flavor begins with the juicy taste of ripe blackberries, followed by more dark fruit flavors with chocolate covered cherries perfectly matched with oak tannins. It has a finish lasting two to three minutes in the mouth, making it a wine to savor. The ’07 Éloge is expected to get even better as it ages. Try a bottle of ACVV wine today.


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