Great California wines

Selecting the best California wines

Best California wines in St. Helena, CA

Choosing the best California wines is a matter of personal taste. But some of the most popular California wines have come from varieties such as:

  • Pinot Noir, a red wine grape usually grown in cooler areas, and is much harder to cultivate than the Cab. It has an aroma of cherries, raspberries and strawberries, and grows earthier with age. It can be served with lean pork, duck, salmon or pasta.
  • Zinfandel, which in California is often blended with other wines and served with poultry and pasta.
  • Sauvignon Blanc, another white wine, often called Fumé Blanc when it comes from California. A delicate wine, it is very often paired with cheese or green vegetables.

Some of the best California wines come from near St. Helena

One of the best California wines is the Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards 2008 Èloge. This dark ruby red blend was born of a turbulent year with a cold, dry early spring, a cool late spring and summer and a hot early fall, producing a wine both rare and excellent. The aroma carries the smell of black cherries, chocolate, cassis, mocha and a distant hint of smoked meats. The wine has a flavor of chocolate-covered black cherries, currants and plums.

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards is a 40-acre estate just south of Howell Mountain, outside St. Helena, CA. Anderson’s wines are sold online and in five locations in Napa Valley, and many other locations nationwide. Join their wine club for discounts on their best wines.


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