Why wine clubs are worth joining

Joining a wine club

Wine club in St. Helena, CAIf you love California wines, why not join a wine club? You agree to buy a certain number of bottles every year, and the club delivers them to you. They may also send information on the wine and what sort of food it’s best paired with. Joining should be free, and you should be able to cancel at any time.

A good wine club will seek out unknown wines that deserve a wider audience. Wine clubs are also judged on the number of different price ranges, shipping frequency, and the number of events held every year.

An exclusive wine club near St. Helena

Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards in Napa Valley has its own wine club. One wine you might get to try at their wine club is the 2008 Right Bank, a classic blend. After a brief period of storms, Napa Valley experienced a dry, cold spring in 2008. Summer was cool, delaying the ripening of the grapes and making some thinning necessary, so this was not the most abundant vintage. The Right Bank wine from this year has an aroma of cedar, blackberries and plums, a superb texture with a silky finish, and a flavor dominated by black fruit with crushed rocks. This wine is expected to be good for well over twenty years.

By agreeing to buy six bottles a year in groups of three, you can get Level I membership with discounts on their wines, tickets to parties and invitations to a complimentary tasting. Agreeing to buy 12 bottles a year, or 24, gets you higher levels of membership with even more benefits. Join today.


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